Sunday, May 9, 2010

Specially for you..


Specially for my mum.. Sorry if sometimes being impatient to you.. Happy mother's day ya! We love you XD..

By: My mum's son

Miri Run 2010

Me, Larry, Eric, Ahyie, Ian joined the Annual Miri City Run which was organised by HHH (Hash House Harriers) yesterday afternoon.. The track was about 4km and the starting point was at MMC Padang.. It was really tiring after we completed the track that included the hill tracking.. It was a tough hill tracking because it was a new track i think. Unfortunately, I injured my legs and I was the last one among my friends.. By the way, we are so happy that we got some gift and two t-shirt (for those who completed the hill tracking only)..

Photos that taken by a sux camera:

One of the gifts

The reward of completing hill tracking

All for free!?!

Yeah! Our team ( take 1 )

Our team ( take 2)

Thats all for this post.. Thanks for reading and viewing..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 orientation programme appreciation dinner

Ya.. Appreciation dinner especially for tua and of course some of the 2010 orientation programme executive committee was organized by 20 mudas at Imperial Hotel.. We had a lot of fun together and there was some special activities such as games, singing and dancing... We appreciate our tua(s) a lot who taught us so much and led us so far.. Thank you=)..

Some photos taken that night:

All of us..

4 of us

Ahyiezz & me

JiaHan & me

Thats all for now.. Bye.. Smile always=)

Intensive practices

I am now busy in those intensive practices with Mr. Nonami (our main conductor) since the 1st time chband concert is just around the corner.. Hmm.. We really worked hard in improving our music, just hope that my readers can come and support us.. Band members, this is our first time.. We had put in a lot of effort so lets make it a unforgettable concert to all of the audience.. And our target :

-Best Concert
-Memorable concert
-Good Image

I should rest earlier now.. for the practices tomorrow..

One Band, One Sound, One heart, One soul

P.S tickets are available now (Rm20, 30, 50), so welcome to contact anyone of us for tickets!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Skype Conferencing

Lol.. We had a BCCC activity on the forth day of our final exam.. Isn't it a fool as we need to study for the final exam! However, we put down everything for the skype conferencing between us and chiangmai and england students..

Photos taken that day:

Our class was preparing for the skype-conferencing

Too boring? Take photos lolx..

One of the england students..

2A class students, Mr.Wong and teachers..

I'm at the back of the lion dance=)

"Bia" KH lolx..

For your information...
BCCC stands for British council connecting classroom

Saturday, October 24, 2009